Saturday, 18 December 2010


Once again I have been absent from blog land I have been so busy. I know we are all busy at this time of year but this year seems to have been manic plus we lost a whole week due to the snow and now it's come back again.
I didn't make all my Christmas cards this year, I only made for crafty friends and here are just two samples.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Well what a start to this month. I haven't had my car out of the garage since last Friday, my husband is stuck in France supposed to fly into Gatwick then get a flight to Manchester where is car is parked and we all know Gatwick is closed! The good thing is I have had the time to do some crafting and have finished my December art calendar pages.  The bad thing is I missed a page after November so had to go back and start again or I would have had a big gap and I like continuity! Then today I realised I had done my pages upside down ROFL! So now I hope that's everything bad out of the way.
I painted my pages with various shades of blue with splodges of white and sprayed Crafty Notions Silver all over the pages to give it the wintery feel. My journal squares are from Basic Gray Blitzen Jack Frost which I thought was very appropriate and my images are from the Octopode Factory. I maybe disqualified from the 365 Challenge because horror of horrors I have used peel offs for my days and date numbers LOL.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


November days completed for the 365 day challenge. I started my December pages but then discovered I had left a gap of a double page spread after November so what I prepared is going to have to be for my January pages (aren't I in advance doh) and now I have to go back and start again for December. So those of us who took up the challenge we are nearly there, not that we want to wish our lives away LOL. Those of you who want to join us in January 2011 go and take a look at Kate's "The Kathryn Wheel" blog to see what  it is all about.
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