Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Well it's that time again for what's on your worksdesk. I nearly missed it as I suddenly thought "Oh it's Wednesday" and lucky me I have only just arrived home as I have been out for lunch. It is snowing heavily here, I digress. On my workdesk at the moment is a 15x21cm Journal book it is for a "Round Robin" which we are doing at AFTH. Dyan set this up for all of us who go to her Art Journal workshops and before the next session we have to have decorated the covers inside and out, journaled on the first page doing a "this book belongs----", completed a double page spread and the very last page which is a signing page for all taking part. I am using Dyan's Ephemera pages which are on my desk, Sakura pens, Sharpie and Dabbers, Huggies of course no crafter should be without them. I also have a 6x6 canvas which I am collaging for a Valantine swap so far I have gessoed it and painted with pink Dabbers I am going to use Paper Artsy heart stamps which you might be able to see. Ok here are the photos I hope they are better than yesterdays.


  1. your desk is a pleasure to look about! perfectly orignaised a haven of creativity :) just how I like a craft space and cricut at arms reach :)

  2. Your desk is so neat and tidy and industrious! I didn't visit Julia's first so no drawer photos from me either - and unlike you I didn't go back and take any!

    Great pics, even if they do make me a teeny bit ashamed of my mess!

  3. Oooh Pat have fun with your journal. Lovely to see your desk. We have more of the white stuff too. :( off to peep at your drawers!!!

  4. Great desk, love the paint storage idea! Those papers look wonderful too, very whimsical and artsy.