Monday, 14 September 2009


On Saturday I went to a workshop at one of my local craft shops where we made a calendar using our Bind-It-All machines. It was quite funny really and typical of us crafters in that a number of us had the machine but it was so long since we used it (ashamed to say) that we couldn't remember what to do. Luckily Liz is such a good teacher that we were all successful under her guidance. The calendar actually took quite a long time to make as there was a lot of measuring of card and cutting out, the stamping didn't take very long and all the stamps were from Elusive Images. The lettering was done on the Cricut (hope I've spelt that correctly) this is one machine I have not bought, yet!!!!!

Sunday was spent at the "Great Northern Papercraft Extravaganza" in Harrogate. It was a wonderful day as usual. I kept meeting up with people I know from various crafting workshops and we had a great time looking at what each one of us had bought (like children). I spent far too much as usual but bought some wonderful stash and then came home and bought a load of Wendy Vechi stamps from the Stamp Attic. Just don't anyone tell my husband. I think I may have to go back to supply teaching to fund my "habit".


  1. love the calender tell me bout the addictiveness of crafty stash buying its worrying(not, lol). x sue x

  2. Love the calendar, I can't believe you've bought some more Wendy Vecchi stamps, you little devil you. I'm envious to death. I had a brilliant day on Sunday and of course, like you, spent too much, but I a NOT going back to work!!!! xx

  3. Great calender. I too have a bind it all that I forgot how to use untill Lynne helped out. Sunday was great at the show, I think we all spent to much as always (oh well it's good to have a hobby). We won't tell your hubby if you don't tell ours, what they don't know doesn't hurt them. Love Sandra x