Monday, 28 January 2013


Today is my Grand-daughter Elena's 17th Birthday. It's at times like this that you really do realise that time flies, I can remember in every detail the day she was born, I cried buckets with happiness. I picked her up from College last Friday and told her that I had bought her a birthday card this time, I hadn't made it myself, she then told me that she had kept every card I had made her in the past! I then felt very guilty and so this weekend I made her this card. The background was made using my Gelli Plate, I actually made the background, amongst lots of others, last Wednesday at the lovely Kate's workshop. The image is a Suzi Blu which I think is perfect for a young girl. For a present I bought Elena a lovely Kelly Rae Roberts porcelaine doll called "LOVE"  It is based on the images that she uses for her paintings etc and is gorgeous but sorry I don't have a photo of it and now it is all wrapped up as I am going over to Huddersfield to pick Elena up from college so bye for now.


  1. Another one to treasure then! This really is a beauty, that background looks really interesting - never seen a Gelli plate in use, I'll have to get onto u-tube!! Love that your granddaughter has kept all of your cards! Love, Chrisx

  2. What a gorgeous, sweet card, I bet she'll treasure this one, just like the others you've made. Hope you have a lovely evening and wish her happy birthday from me. Beautiful colours and love the way you've coloured the image xx

  3. Gorgeous card Pat, love the colour too :-)
    Talking about feeling guilty, Mish just phoned and is going to a 'grandmother' (as Gracie's grandmother) thing at school on Thursday and she just asked if I had anything of hers from her childhood - such as an old toy :-/ I asked if she still had her trophies from ballroom dancing which she does and then she said she could take an old photo adding 'but it's not an old toy'. I said don't be making me feel guilty. Lol
    Anne x

  4. It is a lovely card, Pat. Your Gelli Plate background looks wonderful and the Suzi Blu stamp looks so good on it. I'm sure Elena will treasure this card too. I hope she enjoyed her birthday.