Sunday, 30 August 2009


Today I went to one of my regular classes but a different teacher, I had not met her before. I went because the description was for Christmas cards using the cuttlebug,lol, we made one card using the CB. I will not mention the teachers name or the place but I have never been to such a disorganised class, it was a free for all. The first hour was spent chatting with her regulars. Luckily the young woman who was working with me was of the same opinion as me, so we just got on with it and actually made these 6 cards, seen in real life they are a bit messy and not to my taste as I don't like large cards. When Christmas comes I don't know how we are expected to post them as we didn't get envelopes with them and by the end of the afternoon I had had enough and couldn't be bothered. The teacher is probably at a disadvantage with me as all the classes I go to and have been to over the years have been really good and well organised people. I have another class booked for November with the same teach, I am obviously going to cancel.

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  1. The cards are lovely...what a shame about the teacher!